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ScaleFlux荣获德勤Technology Fast 500!

  • ScaleFlux 
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Technology Fast 500 获奖者是根据 2018 年至 2021 年的财政年度收入增长百分比选出的。总体而言,2022 年 Technology Fast 500 强公司在三年内实现了 241% 至 125,138% 的收入增长,增长率中位数为611%。





ScaleFlux is the pioneer in deploying Computational Storage at scale. Computational Storage is the foundation for modern, data-driven infrastructure that enables responsive performance, affordable scaling, and agile platforms for compute and storage I/O intensive applications. Founded in 2014, ScaleFlux is a well-funded startup with leaders proven to deploy complex computing and solid-state storage solutions in volume.